NGO Coordination Memorandum to CEC

Hei hi NGO Coordination Committee-te’n May ni 29, 2018-a Chief Election Commissioner hnena Memorandum an thehluh a ni e.
The Chief Election Commissioner,
Election Commission of India,
Nirvachan Sadhan, New Delhi.

Subject : Memorandum requesting the Election Commission of India to honour its commitment to conduct the forthcoming elections to the Mizoram State Legislative Assembly for Bru voters living in Tripura within the State of Mizoram.


We, the Joint Non Governmental Organisation (NGO’s) Mizoram comprising of Central Young Mizo Association (CYMA), Mizo Elder’s Association (MUP), Mizo Womens Association (MHIP), Mizo Student Association (MZP) and Mizo Student Union (MSU) representing all sections of the Mizo society, would like to request the Election Commission of India the following facts into consideration while taking decisions about the issues of revision of Electoral Rolls in respect of Bru voters who continued to live in transit camps in Tripura.

1. The exodus of Brus from Mizoram to Tripura in the year 1997 was a result of localised law and order situation due to the killing of Shri Lalzawmliana, a Goverment of Mizoram employee (a Game Watcher) at Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary by some Bru miscreants, combined with fear and fabricated information. Sample copy of such Pamphlets is attached as Annexure – I. The fear psychosis created through such misinformation campaigns was very much similar to what was witnessed during the exodus by people of the North East from Bangalore in the year 2012.

2. The Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India and the Govt. of Mizoram, supported by all the NGO groups of Mizoram have been making all out efforts to bring them back to Mizoram with partial success. More than 1600 families have come back to Mizoram as a result of such and all of them have been living in Mizoram peacefully without any problem whatsoever. Copy of November, 2016 issue of First Word is attached as Annexure – II to corroborate this fact. It would be relevant to mention here that the population of Brus currently living in Mizoram is much larger than those living in Transit Camps in Tripura.

3. The Election Commission of India and the Govt. of Mizoram have been making special arrangement for the Brus living in Transit Camps in Tripura to enable them to exercise their rights to franchise by visiting this Transit Camps to include names of eligible voters in the Electoral Rolls and making special arrangements during elections for them to cast their votes.

This type of special arrangements is understandable during the initial period when situations was still fluid. However, considering the fact that 20 years have passed and six rounds of efforts of repatriation back to Mizoram have been completed with more than 1600 families having returned to Mizoram as a result of sincere efforts of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Govt. of Mizoram supported by all NGO groups, and those families now live peacefully and enjoying all constitutional, civic and social rights along with the Mizos in Mizoram, there is no longer any justification to continue to provide special facilities in terms of revision of Electoral Rolls and right to franchise to those Brus who refused to return to Mizoram.

4. It would not be out of place to argue that the Brus who continue to live in Transit Camps in Tripura of their own free will and choice are no longer eligible to be registered as voters in Mizoram in terms of sub-clause (b) of Clause 19 under Part – III of the Representation of the Peoples Act 1950.

5. Therefore, under the present situation, we strongly oppose any special arrangements for Brus who continue to live in Transit Camps in Tripura in terms of Revision of Electoral Rolls and special arrangements for casting of votes. We strongly request that any Revision of Electoral Rolls be done only within the territorial boundaries of the concerned constituencies and that all arrangements for voting be done only in the concern polling booths and not elsewhere. In this regard, we expect and demand that the Election Commission of India honour its promised vide Letter No. 464/MIZ-HP/2014 (B&R) Dated 7th April, 2014 (Copy enclosed as Annexure – III) to conduct any future elections to the Lok Sabha and the State Legislative Assembly of Mizoram for exercise of franchise within the State of Mizoram by Bru Voters living in Tripura enrolled in voter lists of Mizoram.

With best regards,

Enclosure :
1. Pamphlets circulated by Bru Organisations to leaved Mizoram.
2. Copy of First Word (Magazine) November 2016 issue
3. Copy of ECI Letter Dated 7th April, 2014



Dated : Aizawl Address for any Correspondence :
The 25th May, 2018
General Secretary,
Central Young Mizo Association
Tuikhuahtlang, Aizawl, Mizoram.
Ph-9436151804/ .