State of the States 2019 ah Mizoramin lawmman pakhatna dawng

India rama chanchinbu rintlak leh hlun ber pawl India Today in State hrang hrangte a zirchianna aṭangin category  pakhatah Mizoram chuan a ti ṭha ber lawmman a dawng.

ZORAM TODAY|AIZAWL: Sorkar thuchhuahin a tarlan danin India Today Group in State of the State’s survey nei a, category hrang hranga India state te lawmman a pek thin chu kumin atan November 22, 2019 khan New Delhi ah a buatsaih a ni.

He hunah hian Mizoram chu “Best performing Small state in inclusive development and environment” leh “Most improved Small state in economy, health and tourism” lawmman a dawng a. Mizoram aiawh in award hi Pu Ajay Chaudhry, IPS, New Delhi Resident Commissioner chuan a dawng a ni.