MNF-in India constitution zah lo leh palzutah CM puh

ZORAM TODAY: Vawiin May ni 25, 2018 (Zirtawpni) khan MNF party chuan thuchhuah siamin, Dt. 24.5.2018-a Mizoram tlawha lo zin India Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, lo dawngsawng lova programme dang siama Chief Minister ber Lungleia a zin bo daih mai chu an dem tih an sawi a, Constitutional head India President dawttu Vice President lo zin tur hi hun eng emaw chen atanga hriatlawka inruahmanna pawh peihfel sa vek a ni chunga a zinsan duh hi India Constitution zah lohna leh palzutnaah MNF chuan an ngaih thu an thuchhuahah an tarlang.
MNF thuchhuah chuan, Pu Lalthanhawla hi Chief Minister a nihnaa a telna awm tak programme pawimawh zinsan hi a ching hle a. India leh MNF-in inrem avang a, Mizo Hnam Sipaite Aizawl an lo luh ni khan mipui zawng zawngin kan lo hmuak a, Chief Minister ber chu lo awm ngei tur a nih laiin, khami ni khan programme insiam chawpin an nupain Champhaiah an zin daih tawh bawk a ni, an ti.

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