Tunlai saptawng tualleng lar zual te

ZORAM TODAY | March 1-14, 2016 -Fela Ngente

Tunlai thalaiten internet kaltlangin thian kan kawmin rual kan pawl nasa em em a, Zoram chhung leh pawn, khawvel hmun hrang hranga mite nen kan inkawm a, group hrang hrangah kan duh zawng, zalen takin kan sawi a, kan rights kan hriat fu lai hian kan tihtur (duty) lam kan ngaihthah lek lek thin niin a lang. Thu tam tak kan bengah a lut a, kan mitin kan hmu bawk a, kan gadget leh software kan tuaithar rual hian mahni pawh intuaithar reng a tul ta. Tun hnaiah saptawng tualleng kan hmang nasa a, kan hman tur leh hman hun tur kan hriatchian a tul hle mai. Hemi rual chiah hian a lo dawngsawngtu lam pawhin eng emaw chen hi chu hriat ve a tul bawk. Mi rilru zim leh hawi zau tawk lo nih kan hlawh palh hlauh ang e!

Tunlaia saptawng tualleng an chher langsar zual deuh deuh tarlang ila, a kim thei hauh lo ang a, Mizo tawnga kan hrilhfiah hian mi thenkhat duhthu pawh a sam vek kher lo vang, tawng tha pangngai a ni lo tih hre reng ila, eng pawh ni se mi nawlpuiin a tlanglawn kan hriat theih nana buatsaih a ni e.  

1. UNREAL: Beisei phak baka  thil nuam leh hlimawm sawina.
Entirnan: I love this party, it’s just unreal!

2. PROPS: Mi zahna lantirna emaw, mi kan va hriat theihna.
Entirnan: I know he failed the test, but you’ve got to give him props for trying.

3. KUDOS: A chunga mi nen hian a inang deuh. Lawmthu sawina lam hawi zawnga mi zahna.
Entirnan: Kudos for organising this party. It’s brilliant!

4. BOTTOM LINE: Thupui ber. Thu laimu.
Entirnan: The bottom line is we just don’t have enough money to make it work.

5. DISS: Mi zah lohna lantirna.
Entirnan: Stop dissing her behind her back. Show some respect!

6. DIG: Thil duh em em sawina.
Entirnan: Hey, I dig your new style. Where did you buy that T-shirt?

7. BOB’S YOUR UNCLE: U.K lamah an hmang uar zual hle. Hei zawng hi tihna emaw, heti hian a ni mai tihna te pawh a ni thei ang.
Entirnan: How did you make this cake? It’s delicious!
Well, I just mixed in the batter thoroughly, poured it into a cake pan, baked it for 30 minutes and Bob’s your uncle!

8. BUDGE UP: Mi dang hnena kan awm vena tur hmun awl min siamsak tura ngenna.
Entirnan: I want to sit down too, could you budge up a little please?

9. ACE: Thil tha tak sawina emaw thil tihtur tluang leh famkim taka tizo sawina.
Entirnan: Ace! I just got a promotion at work!
Robert aced his physics exam!

10. ALL RIGHT?: Eng nge i an? I tha em?
Entirnan: Good thanks, you all right?

11. FULL OF BEANS: Phur, harh emaw thatho em em sawina.
Entirnan:  All the children were full of beans at the party today. I couldn’t get any of them to sit still!

12. BLATANT: Thil hriat sa leh lang tlang sa lutuk sawina.
Entirnan: She’s blatantly very annoyed, everyone can see it apart from you.

13. PEAR SHAPED: Chhiatna lo thleng ta emaw, thil hlawhtling ta chiah lo sawina.
Entirnan: I was trying to organise a surprise birthday party for her, but it’s all gone pear shaped!

14. PIECE OF CAKE: Thil tih awlsam lutuk tura ngaih emaw thil awlsam lam sawina.
Entirnan: what did you think of the exam? I thought it was really difficult.
No, it was a piece of cake!

15. BLIMEY: Makna chhinchhiah nan an hmang thin.
Entirnan: Blimey, look at all this mess here! I’d only left the house for an hour, and look what you’ve done!

16. BOTCH: Hnathawh tha em em loa zo sawina.
Entirnan:  The builder did a terrible job on the roof. He just botched it up, and it still leaks every time it rains!

17. CHEERS: Thiante nena thil inho nikhuaa midang chibai buk nan an hmang thin.
Entinan: Cheers everyone! Happy birthday to John!

18. SMASHING: Thil tha leh ropui lam sawina.
Entirnan: I had a smashing time on holiday, it was so much fun!

19. CHIN WAG: Tu nen emaw ngunthluk leh hlimawm taka titina hun hmang dun.
Entirnan: I saw Muansanga after such a long time yesterday! We had a lovely chin wag together, like the good old days.

20. CHUFFED: Lawmna tak thilah an hmang thin.
Entirnan: My mum bought me a fantastic car when I passed my driving test. I was chuffed to bits!

21. CRAM: Hun tepter tawh taka nasa taka lehkha zir sawina.
Entirnan: I was so busy with my family before the exam, that I only had three days to cram in all the revision work!

22. CRIKEY: Hei pawh hi  makna entirnan an hmang thin
Entirnan: Crikey! Have you spent all of our savings??!!

23. DEAR: He tawngkam lar tak hi thil to uchuak tak sawi nan an hmang ve thin.
Entirnan: I avoid going shopping into the town centre nowadays, everything is so dear!

24. FAFF: Thil ho mai mai ngaihtuaha hun khawhral.
Entirnan: Come on we have to go now. Stop faffing around, we’re going to be late!

25. DO: Party sawina tawngkam tho a ni.
Entirnan: Are you going to Lizzie’s birthday do next week?

26. FLOG: Thil hralh.
Entirnan: I managed to flog my car for a really good price!

27. GOBSMACKED: Mak ti sawina.
Entirnan: I can’t believe I passed that exam! I thought I was going to fail, I’m completely gobsmacked!

28. SPLASH OUT: Pawisa tam tham tak hmangral.
Entirnan: I wanted to give Caeroline a special treat for her birthday, so I splashed out on a very romantic weekend away.

29. GRUB / NOSH: Chaw emaw, eitur, puar theihna lam chi sawina.
Entirnan: I’m going to get some grub for myself from the local takeaway. Do you want anything?

30. GUTTED: Mi tu emaw lungawi lo em em sawina emaw, lungawi lohna sawina.
Entirnan: I’m so gutted I failed my driving test, again!

31. PEANUTS: Tlawm, thil man tlawm sawina.
Entirnan: I hate my job. I have to work such long hours, and I get paid peanuts.
You should buy your clothes on-line. You can find some great designs for peanuts!

32. EASY PEASY: Thil awlai tak sawina (Naupang tawng)
Entirnan: I could make that for you, if you like? It’s easy peasy!

33. CHEERIO: Ngaihawm taka inthlahna emaw kan mi ui zawng tak kan thlah liamna.
Entirnan: Right, I have to go now, see you soon. Cheerio!

34. LEG IT: Tlan rawh tihna.
Entirnan: I went out on Halloween night, and someone jumped out from behind a bush to scare me. I was so frightened, that I just legged it all the way back home!

Ti kha chuan khawvela tawng lar leh darh zau ber saptawng, tawng tualleng eng emaw zat i hriat belh ta, chhiar la, chinchhiah la, hmang tangkai rawh le.

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