Khawvela solar energy airport hmasa ber India ramah

ZORAM TODAY: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) chuan Kerala-a Cochin International Airport Ltd (CIAL) chu khawvela nizung chakna (solar energy) hmanga chawm airport hmasa ber a nihna chu a pawmpui. Inrinni, May ni 27,  2018 (Inrinni) khan UNEP Executive Director Erik Solheim chu he airport hi a tlawh a, “Khawvel hmun hrang hranga kala CIAL hlawhtlinna tlangaupui ka chak takzet. Kerala-a an airport-in hetiang a tih theih chuan, eng vangin nge khawvel hmun dangah an tih theih loh bik ang?” tiin hlim takin media hmaah a sawi nghe nghe.

CIAL hi India rama PPP (public-private-partnership) model hmanga airport bun hmasak ber niin kum 1999 khan bun a lo ni tawh a. Airport hlawhtling leh rak tak niin passenger hi kum tin maktaduai 5 zet an awm thin a; India rama airport passenger traffic rak ber 7-na a ni bawk.

He airport hian airport bulah solar power plant 15 MW zet mai a nei a, acres 45 zeta zauvah solar panel 46,150 zet a awm. He solar power plant hian nitin electric unit 50,000 a siam chhuak ziah a, hei hian airport chawmna a daih zãn a; he plant hian battery khawl sa a nei lo va, a power siam chhuah hi direct-in a pe chhuak zar zar thung.

He Green Airport siam thei tur hian, August ni 18, 2015 khan khatih laia Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy chuan a project a hawng a. V.J. Kurien, Managing Director, CIAL pawhin, “Cochin International Airport-a kan solar plant bun hian, he airport-in a mamawh zat, nitina unit 50,000 a siam chhuah theih hunah chuan khawvela solar enery hmanga chawm airport hmasa ber kan la ni ang,” tiin a lo sawi tawh nghe nghe a, kum 3 hnuah a sawi ang ngeiin thil a thleng ta a ni.

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