Sawrkar laipuiin Greenpeace license cancel

ZORAM TODAY | September 15-5 October, 2015
Sawrkar laipui chuan NGO pakhat Greenpeace India-in ram dang atanga tanpuina a dawn avangin registration a cancel. Greenpeace India hian ram dang atangin tanpuina a hmu thin a, tanpuina dawn theihna dan a nei lo tiin an license hi Union Ministry of Home Affairs chuan Foreign Contribution Regulations Act (FCRA) 2011 Section 13-na tlawhchhanin a cancel a ni.

Kumin April thla chawhma lam khan Ministry of Home Affairs hian thla ruk chhung atan Greenpeace India license hi a lo suspend tawh a, hei hi Greenpeace India hian Delhi High Court-ah a khing let nghe nghe na a, hnehna an chang ta lo a ni. Greenpeace India hi ram hrang hrang 40 chuangah an inzar pharh a, environment campaign an bei nasa hle.